Why Marketing Can Save Your Business

Why Marketing Can Save Your Business

Let me tell you a story about the most delicious brownies I’ve ever eaten. There was this new small store in my city owned by the nicest lady, Ms Tanya. She has the kindest heart, she is sweet and always greets all their clients with a big smile on her face. She was selling brownies, an old family recipe that was absolutely delightful. However Tanya’s business closed in less than 3 months. Why? You must be wondering. All the ingredients for success were there: high quality product and great customer service. The problem was the lack of marketing

Great tool

Marketing is a great tool that allows you to reach your audience, grow your business and share a strong brand identity to people connect with. There is no business without marketing, specially in times where social media and digital presence is key to survive in market. Tanya was very old school and believed that it was enough with her customers recommendations to others, but that didn’t take her very far because her competition had the capacity to reach a bigger audience faster than she ever could. She had the best product, but people didnt have the chance to know it.

Hiring a marketing team is the smartest decision a business owner can make, specially in small business. Engaging with your customers is the goal of every business. Marketing makes this possible through sharing information with the audience and creating brand awareness. It allows businesses to build long term relationships with their client base. It’s a cost effective decision since it can increase your sales while effectively using digital channels as social media and email subscriptions. These are powerful tools that allow you to stand up from your competition and reach out your brand and services to a larger audience.

A way of communication

At the end of the day marketing is a way of communication. If you can spread your message and people can engage to it, then you are creating connections. Your audience needs to know what you are offering and how does it work, it’s all about spreading the message that you want them to know. Marketing can do this for you, a strong communication creates strong relationships and builts trust among customers. Engaging with old and new customers will secure your business future. So if you feel that your business is kind of stuck ot you are losing to your competitors, maybe the answer you are looking for is investing in marketing.